About Ciprex

Ciprex is a supplier of raw material, ingredients, ideas and concepts to the Juice, beverage and food industry since 1980.

The initial goal was to provide companies in the Juice and beverage industry with the right quality ingredients for their production. During more than four decades partnerships have been formed with customers and producers.

Today Ciprex offers a lot more than just high quality raw material. Together with our customers we actively take part in the development of new products. We cooperate to customize complete solutions, well suited to the needs of the market. In order to do this you need competence, experience and a wide network of contacts, something we have gained during our long time in the business.

You may say that we act as a bridge between the producers in the countries of origin and the companies packaging, distributing and marketing to the final consumers. Our task is to provide reliable information as well as good products. Our knowledge and experience is well trusted by our customers as a source of information in the world of Juices.