Juice Concentrates


After extraction and clarification most Juice is turned into concentrate. Water is removed by different technical processes and the Juice concentrate is kept under chilled or frozen condition, in bulk or drums, for various length of time.

Juice concentrates are made mainly for economic reasons. The quality of a NFC Juice is no doubt superior to a Juice reconstituted from concentrate but cost of storage and transportation will make the NFC juice considerably more expensive. During the concentration process you are removing up to 80% of the original Juice volume and consequently saving the corresponding space in warehouses and distribution.

The products we handle in this category include, but are not limited to:

Temperate Zones Sub Tropical Zones Tropical Zone
Apple Apricot Acerola
Aronia Blood Orange Banana
Beet Root Grape Guava
Black Currant Grapefruit Mango
Blueberry Kiwi Papaya
Cactus Fig Lemon Pineapple
Carrot Lime
Cherry Mandarin
Cranberry Orange
Gooseberry Peach
Red Currant

For some of the above mentioned products there are also organic alternatives. Contact us with your inquiries.